Accounts Rectification

Accurate Accounting Rectification

Many companies are not properly keeping books of accounts or they are impetuous about their accounts or there are no accountants appointed for this purpose. The outcome of this problem will lead to the misappropriation of funds and inventory and the investor will bear a huge loss. 

Our experienced accountants will look for accounting entries that are correctly reflected in the accounts books. They’ll also look for common errors like delayed entries or false entries to unsupported transactions in your establishment accounting process, and rectify them by providing efficacious reconstructing and rectifying of accounts books. 

Our Accountants cover all sorts of accounting errors such as

  • Delayed entries
  • False entries
  • Unsupported transactions
  • Errors due to data loss 
  • Poor documentation
Precise Reconstruction of Mess-Books

Now middle east companies are compelled to keep their books of accounts as per the law and orders implemented by the concerned governments. Our experienced team from the finest accounting firm in Dubai will embark on your accounts rectification and which will be brought into the right way and help the management to get the right information from their books of account for the proper decision making and management.

Rectification and reconstruction of accounts books should be done when the transformation of the accounting team, tax de-registration, migrating records and business liquidation and accounts reconciliation process.

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