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Renowned VAT Registration Services

U.A.E. and other middle east establishments are subjected to value-added tax from 1st January 2018. From there, customers were imposed to pay 5% indirect tax on the use & consumption of products and services respectively.

Our professional accounting Associates provide the finest VAT services abiding by all Emirati VAT laws. They have deep expertise in all confines of Value Added tax services from VAT registration and deregistration to VAT return filling in Dubai. 

Accounting professionals from Hassan accounting and auditing firm in Dubai have immense expertise in accounting and VAT confines, ensuring your establishment remains legally compliant with the federal tax authority (FTA). Hassan accountants will take care of all the VAT operations and even cope with complex VAT procedures, so you can focus on your business goals and objectives.

Leading VAT Consultancy services in UAE

Most of the companies’ management is not aware of the rules and regulations of VAT which will lead to the wrong treatment of taxes and may lead to facing huge penalties from the concerned authorities on late deposition or filing of VAT. Hassan Auditing and Accounting firm in Dubai will help you with filing returns and accounting treatment of transactions for easily managing VAT aspects of UAE.

Next year onwards corporate tax is going to be introduced in the U.A.E. So financial department work will be more complicated and tedious and in such an environment our specialists will support your assignments.

One-Stop VAT Consultancy Services

Get your one-stop VAT consultancy solutions from Hassan auditing and accounting, the most dedicated firm in Dubai includes exceptional services from VAT registration & VAT deregistration to VAT return filings in Dubai.

  1. VAT Registration: Hassan Accountants help businesses to register under the VAT law and ensure your business is being acknowledged by the government as a supplier of goods and Services.
  2. VAT Deregistration: Our accounting associates will guide you through the whole VAT deregistration process if your taxable supplies fall under 375000 AED and suspend your TRN (Tax Registration Number). 
  3. VAT Return Filing: Our Accountants from Hassan will make sure to file all your VAT returns and upload them on the FTA e-services portal on a timely basis to give you peace of mind. 
  4. VAT Invoicing: We ensure your business is following the VAT invoice format with tax registration numbers (TRN) from FTA, UAE, which is essential when you supply taxable goods and services.
  5. VAT Voluntary disclosure: Hassan auditing and accounting firm extends its support to the successful completion of your VAT or excuse voluntary disclosure form (VAT form 211) to notify FTA about the errors in tax filing. 
  6. VAT Refunds: Our Accounting Associates will partner with businesses to get a smooth, faster, and more convenient VAT return claiming process with a VAT refund request form for business owners.
  7. VAT Audit: Highly experienced tax consultants from Hassan auditing and accounting services will review every VAT file and return of your establishment to ensure smooth VAT returns filing.
  8. VAT Recommendations: Reduce your business burden with the leading VAT consultancy service provider in UAE with futuristic recommendations on VAT returns filing in Dubai, UAE. 
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